Atascadero Rotary
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Rotary Youth Projects

A.H.S. Scholarships

AHS 2010 Scholarship Recipients

The Atascadero Rotary Club provides approximately 21 scholarships to graduating seniors at Atascadero High School as well as one to Morro Bay High School. Total value in 2017 was $37,000. Since the Club created its own Foundation, we have funded over $225,000 in scholarships. The winners are selected on merit.

A.H.S. Ethics Conference

Atascadero High School Ethics Conference

Every year the Club sponsors an Ethics Conference, at which seniors and juniors bring up situations that present ethical dilemmas. The Rotary Club members help the students work through all aspects of the situation, allowing the students to have a greater understanding of ethics and of how to evaluate situations to make good life-choices.

A.H.S. Personal Finance

Greyhound-Bearcat Football Lunch

Since the Fall of 2010, the Club has sponsored a new program to help young people understand finances better. These classes are offered to all economics students and presented over two days twice a year. All seniors at A.H.S. take this course, presented by volunteers from the Club and the community.

Football Lunch

Greyhound-Bearcat Football Lunch

Some years ago, the rivalry between the Atascadero and Paso Robles high schools during their annual football game became so intense as to be unhealthy. The Rotary clubs of the two cities joined together to create an annual event in which all of the senior football players from both teams are treated to lunch with the Rotary members (many of whom played in the Big Game when they were in high school). The event has been a great success, the players getting to know each other and creating a more positive atmosphere for the football game.

Community Projects

Firefighters BBQ

Atascadero Firefighters Appreciation BBQ

Each year in the fall the Club treats the firefighters of Atascadero to a BBQ and an evening of getting to know each other. The Club salutes the firefighters and their families for their work throughout the year, both in their role as firefighters and their contributions to the community, and makes a cash contribution to the Department.

Exchange Students

Exchange Students

The Atascadero Rotary Club has sponsored Exchange Students to improve knowledge of our country for foreign students and an appreciation of foreign cultures for students at Atascadero High School. Last year we sponsored a student from Finland to stay here for a school year, and a local student was sponsored to spend one semester in France. The Exchange Program is already underway for next year with new students.

And More ...

Exercise equipment at Atascadero Lake Park

In just the last few years, the Atascadero Rotary Club has provided

  • a shade structure in the Lake Park
  • a park behind the A.H.S. baseball diamond
  • an exercise station in the Lake Park
  • renovations for the Charles Paddock Zoo
  • a race timer for the AHS swim team
  • lighting around the Pavillion and Pavillin Lake Park
  • Help fund the Kids Recreation Facility on Traffic Way

Rotary Global Projects

Fight to End Polio

The Global Fight to Wipe Out Polio

Polio is a scourge that has damaged and destroyed many lives around the world.Rotary is dedicated to the complete eradication of this disease, and the fight is almost won. With the help of the United Nations, the World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, Rotary has brought the incidence of the disease from 350,000 children infected in 1985 to fewer than 100 in 2017.

Shelter Box

Shelter Box

A Rotary Club in England undertook a project to help the most vulnerable people, those subjected to natural disasters. The Shelter Box program has since been supported by Rotary Clubs all over the world, including Atascadero's. In each shelter box is a tent large enough for a family of 10, along with tools and food for 6 months. The boxes are distributed by the thousands when earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters leave large numbers of people without home or livelihood.

Polio Plus Project of Rotary International